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International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Strategic Studies (IJISTRA) is a peer-reviewed online journal (e-ISSN: 2735-0398) dedicated to provide a specialised open access platform for critical discourses on national, regional and international strategic affairs in the study of national power.

The study of national power is an interdisciplinary study on how nations or states develop and utilise their resources such as population, geography and natural resources through all domains of national capabilities such as religion and ideology, politics and governance, urban and rural development, health and education, history and culture, science and technology, economy and industry, media and communication, international relations as well as security and defense to pursue national interests and uphold their sovereignty.

IJISTRA publishes research articles, book reviews, keynote speeches and lectures as well as think pieces or commentaries that can contribute towards or extend the frontiers of, scholarly debate of various issues and topics in the study of national power. IJISTRA is published, owned and sponsored by Interdisciplinary Research & Strategic Studies (IRIS) Institute, an independent and non-profit research center established in 2015.

Publication Dates: May and October

Language: Malay, Arabic and English

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Vol. 5 No. 8 (2024): International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Strategic Studies (IJISTRA)
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